Two interesting obituaries & a service record


The first item is the obituary of an ancestor who was born into a rich branch of the family in the UK whereas the second obituary & the service record refer to Micklethwaits who were descended from those who emigrated in 1831 & who were unable to write & therefore had to sign their names with an X upon arrival in America.


Obituary of the Rev. Sotherton Nathaniel Micklethwait (1823 – 1889) – ID No 902.


Born in Taverham Hall, Norfolk. Baptised 24th August 1823 at Taverham Church. Educated at Shrewsbury and Magdalene College, Cambridge. Rector of Hickling Village, Norfolk for some 40 years. As a mark of his long service, the family paid for the bells to be re-cast and re-hung. Principal Landowner & Lord of The Manors of Hickling Overhall; Hickling Netherhall & Hickling Stannow. Inherited Iridge Place, Hurst Green, Sussex.


“This ’neighbouring clergyman’ who was also the squire, and known far and near as simply ‘The Reverend’ was one of the now extinct sporting parsons, who, after spending the week in generous living, would preach to full congregations on Sunday. A man of kingly presence and mellow stentorian voice, of most magnetic and dominating personality. A born swell, he was forgiven everything and literally worshipped by everyone who came into contact with him….”


Obituary of John Micklethwait (1834 – 1893) ID No 660.


Born in Clay Township, Portsmouth, Ohio. Married 10 January 1865 in Portsmouth. Went in to the grocery business with his brother Martin. Died in Portsmouth. An extract from his obituary reads as follows:- He was one of those quiet unassuming men yet he was in great demand. In addition to running his business, he was a Director of several Building Associations; was one of the best judges of real estate in the city; was called as an appraiser oftener than any man; knew everyone in the city & almost everyone in the County. When any of his friends were sick or in trouble, he knew it instinctively & was on hand to render assistance in an unostentatious quiet way that reached the hearts of those to whom it was rendered. His funeral was attended by a great number of citizens & officially by The Odd Fellows & the Great Army of The Republic. In the procession to the cemetery were 53 carriages - a very unusual sight in this city. It seemed that our people were desirous to make some outward sign of their estimation of his sterling worth'.


Service record of Major General Claude Bayles Mickelwait (died 1981) ID No 747.


Born in Glenwood, Iowa. He served in the US Army both in the 1914/18 & 1939/45 wars. Was educated at The Infantry School 1927/8; University of California 1930/5 (Law). After a distinguished military career, he retired in 1956 as The Assistant Judge Advocate General in Washington, DC. Major General Mickelwait was entitled to numerous listed decorations and awards including foreign decorations from Belgium; Czechoslovakia; France; Italy; Luxembourg; Poland & Great Britain. He died in 1981.