Coats of Arms


John Micklethwait's grandson, Sir Sotherton Branthwayte Peckham Micklethwait Bart. (1788-1853) - (ID No 883) was so named because his ancestors also included members of the families of Sotherton & Branthwayte. His Coat of Arms was a combination of 3 families as illustrated below. Quarters 1 & 4 related to the male line - i.e. the Micklethwaits whereas quarters 2 & 3 related the female lines of Peckham & Branthwayte respectively. He would have used the motto shown in the illustration below prior to becoming a baronet, whereas we know from other sources (a hand-book of Mottoes by C. N. Elvin) that he assumed the longer motto of 'Favente Numine Regina Servatur' (By the favour of the Deity, the Queen is preserved) when he was created a baronet.